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About the Program

A More Rewarding Place for you and your Customers

Learn more about the Sunswept Resorts Specialist Program, a rewards program designed for travel professionals. Designed as an “easy to use” tool, this portal makes it easy to add new client bookings and enables you to keep track of your rewards.

Find out more about why clients love the BodyHoliday and Rendezvous, in simply beautiful St. Lucia

The BodyHoliday is a 5 star, adults only* premium all inclusive resort experience and is one of the leading wellness resorts in the world. With Health and Well being now the undisputed leading trends in the travel industry, The BodyHoliday has to be in your inventory. Find out all there is to know about the BodyHoliday and why we say, ’Give Us Your Body for a Week and We’ll Give You Back Your Mind.’
* During periods of the year there is a minimum age of 12 but at all other times the minimum age is 16.

Rendezvous is a 5 star, adults only, all inclusive experience for couples only. This luxury resort is an intimate boutique hotel that creates romantic vacations as personal and unique as the couples that visit us. Rendezvous was designed as a retreat where quality time for a couple is the key to a relaxing holiday to celebrate, re discover and enjoy being intimate in a tropical paradise. We call it “The Place of stolen Time”

Be sure that you review Rendezvous’ customized wedding options, The “Ever After Collection, for all your valued Destination Wedding clients.


This program, exclusively for Travel Professionals, is a simple way of getting rewards for every traveled booking at The BodyHoliday OR Rendezvous in Saint Lucia.

It also provides tools and resources to help you and your clients understand our holiday experiences and to better equip you to make the sale.

Our Aim is to give you all the tools you need to be able to market these unique resorts

 If you do decide to register there are three AWARD LEVELS.


* To become a “Preferred Agent”, you need to make 1-4 bookings.

** To become an “Expert Agent”, 5-9 bookings are required.

*** To become a “Partner Agents”, 10+ bookings are required.