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Become a BodyHoliday Wellness Specialist by completing the form below.

An opportunity to find out about the new wellness programs that will appeal to the Primary Wellness Market and learn about the importance of Wellness Travel in our industry in 2017 and beyond.

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Why Become a BodyHoliday Wellness Specialist?

Wellness Travel is by far the fastest growing segment of our industry. Specialist Agents will be able to sell both BodyScience Programs and BodyHoliday Retreats once they have completed a Webinar on each program and received the Wellness collateral materials to show their clients.


About BodyScience

BodyScience is a fusion between Western scientific medical analysis and Eastern Ayurvedic principles of preventative care. The BodyScience Clinic currently offers six programs:

Detox, De-Stress, Digestive Health, Fitness, Weight Management and Healthy Ageing.

BodyScience represents BodyHoliday’s path to optimal health.


The Retreats

This Fall, BodyHoliday introduces five professionally led retreats. Each one lasts for seven days and will be based at Villa Firefly. Villa Firefly was recently acquired and is adjacent to the BodyHoliday property.

The retreat subjects are “Life in Balance” ( Ayurveda in action), “Beautiful Inside” ( Detox), “Prana Life” (Yoga), “Beautiful Me” ( Weight Loss) and “Stilling the Whirlpools” ( Mindfulness).


Wellness Holiday

Aside from BodyScience and our Retreats, a stay at BodyHoliday provides as much or as little “Wellness activity” as you like. Award winning fitness and solos programs and a list of dedicated themes throughout the year, ensure that every guest can leave feeling more relaxed and more rejuvenated than ever before.

 The holiday is built around the four pillars of Health and Well-Being: Fitness, Diet, Relaxation and Restorative Beauty.

Wellness Specialists will receive more rewards

Since the sale value of our BodyScience programs and the Retreats is significantly higher than a simple all inclusive stay, naturally both the cash rewards and the points value will be much higher.

Calcutti Or Banarasi Paan, indian traditional digestive food goo
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Don’t worry whether you are a Sunswept Specialist or not – as long as you think you are in the market for Wellness Travel, please join us.

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